About Us!

  The Curator Inc. is located in Walpole, New Hampshire, USA. Since 1984 our tradition of quality and pride has been a part of creating each article. These unique and functional items are designed to protect your necessities with discriminating elegance.

Curator -- "a guardian, protector; one who has care of something."

     When I designed the first jewelry pouch in 1984 (the Jewelry SaQ) it was my dream to create products that uniquely protected cherished possessions when traveling or when they were being stored. Thus, I named my business The Curator.

     Today, as I continue to create and design for The Curator, I strive for perfect harmony of beauty and purpose. I personally select every fabric used for our products. I attempt to sparkle your visual senses with shimmering gemstone colors, serene pastels, and prints that inspire thoughts of country gardens or exotic travel -- always with a pleasing , sensuous feel to the touch.

     Each product is carefully detailed to simplify organizing, with distinctively special features to ensure care and protection of precious items.

     Every Curator product is the gift of a more care-free life. From boudoir to bath, at home or traveling, intimate surroundings are complemented by richness of the Curator Collection.

     As you study these pages, remember that you have my personal promise that each product will come to you only after careful inspection for quality and attention to detail.

Bronia Jenson

Bronia Jenson

~ Beginnings ~

     The Curator came into being out of necessity. In the early eighties, Bronia Jenson, a scientist and a designer, became frustrated with the way silver jewelry was always in need of polishing. One evening, as she was storing her silver flatware in anti-tarnish bags, it occurred to her that there ought to be something similar for fine silver jewelry.

     Soon after, she came across a granny cap that gave her the idea of designing a jewelry case along the same lines - lined with anti-tarnish cloth! The case would be soft and therefore easy to travel with and easy to store in a drawer.

     Before long, friends were begging her for one of her lovely cases. She began making them in such quantities that she resigned her position. Thus, the Curator was born and the first jewelry case was called the Jewelry SaQ pouch. Working out of the basement of her home with skilled seamstresses, each SaQ was carefully and exquisitely made by hand.

     In her first year in business she was selling all over the country and, by her second year, she knew she was a winner when competition began - trying to copy her design. What the competition has not copied is The Curator's attention to detail and the skill in collecting the finest of materials. Quality and function are the two chief criteria for The Curator.

     Today The Curator is no longer housed in Bronia's basement, but the same exquisite personal care goes into each individually produced bag. Bronia continues to design the entire Curator Collection you will see here. Each piece presented here has been individually crafted to ensure the quality for which The Curator is known.