Frequently Asked Questions


I have seen the styles you show other places, what is so different about your Jewelry Pouches?
The Curator's jewelry pouches, the Jewelry SaQ, are guaranteed to keep silver tarnish free. The original design was invented by Bronia Jenson, The Curator's owner, in the early eighties. She knew she had a winner when the copying began. What the competition has not copied is The Curator's attention to detail and skill in collecting the finest materials. Quality and function are the two chief criteria for The Curator.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes, Our Guarantee Statement:
Curator products must completely satisfy you or you get your money back or a replacement. This guarantee applies only to products that are used according to instructions and not subject to accident, abuse and normal wear and tear. There is no guarantee for the items storedLiability is limited to replacement or refund of the Curator products only. Quality workmanship is also guaranteed. Color hue may vary with availability and dye lot.

If I ordered today, when can I expect to receive my order? And how do you ship?
Most orders are shipped within 3 days or sooner.

Is your server secure?
Yes. This website uses SSL encryption to product your information during ordering.

Will the info I submit to you be given to any other companies?Absolutely not! We do not advocate that practice. Any information given us by our clients is kept in the strictest of confidence and is not sold or given to any third party.

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